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Sunday Worship is at 9:30 am,
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Sunday School and Adult Bible Study
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We are located at
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Office Hours are Tuesday through Friday
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Lutheran Church Of Our Savior, Mt. Pocono, PA 18344.
Confessional Lutheran Articles

Sanctification by Grace Alone by Dr. David P. Scaer
Jesus and the Wrath of God by Dr. David P. Scaer
Solus Christus in the Scriptures by Rod Rosenbladt
The Roots and Fruits of Pietism by Rev. Ronald R. Feuerhahn
The Blueprint for the Gospel by Rev. Todd Wilken
Americanizing Lutheranism by Pastor Larry Peters
Locus and Focus: God's Will for Your Daily Life by Rev. Todd Wilken
How should a Christian think about death? by Pastor Brian Wolfmueller
Short Survey in the Doctrine of Man by Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller
Ministers: What is their job? by Pastor Rolf Preus
The Comfort of the Incarnation by Rev. John Pless
Athanasius: On the Incarnation
The LCMS Holiday from History by Rev. Daniel Preus
Called by the Gospel: Justification and Vocation by Rev. Rolf Preus
The Centrality of the Central Article by Rev. Rolf Preus
Will You Be "Left Behind"? by Rev. G. Brent McGuire
The End Times in Revelation
Can you make a decision for Christ? by Pastor Brian Wolfmueller
Various Teachings on Justification
Repentance: RC, American Evangelicalism & Lutheranism
The Theology of the Church Growth Movement by Rev. Klemet Preus
Truth and Theology: Priorities for the Church Today
Lutheran and Evangelical Theology by Rev. Karl L. Barth
Why Go To Church by Pastor Rolf Preus
Lutheran Worship Wars by Pastor Rolf Preus
Jesus-Lord or Legend by Paul L. Maier
Islam's Worldwide Revival by Joseph P. Gudel
This Is My Blood
It's the Lord's Supper by Rev. Charles L. Manske
On Incarnational Theology and High Church Pietism by Rev. Rolf Preus
The Resurrection in Gospel Proclamation by Rev. Ken Schurb
Our Faith, Our Funerals, Our Future by Rev. Jeffrey Gibbs
Five Illegal Uses of the Law Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller
The Lutheran Identity Crisis by Rev. Daniel Preus
The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers
Christ and Creation by Rev. Rolf Preus
Precious Moments in American Religion by Rev. Michael Horton
Outcasts by Rev. James T. Batchelor
Bill Bright in the Light of the Lutheran Confessions by Craig A. Parton
The Rich Man and Lazarus by Rev. James T. Batchelor
Evangelical Catholics and Confessional Evangelicals by G. E. Veith
Charles Finney on Theology and Worship by Rev. Lawrence R. Rast Jr.
Luther on Vocation: Ordinary Life by Rev. Steven A. Hein
New site of Issues, Etc. Christ-centered, Cross-focused talk radio.

is a radio talk show produced by Lutheran
Public Radio and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd
Wilken.  You can tune into interviews on
subjects like Why Does God Allow Suffering?
The Complaint Psalms, The Conversion of Paul,
Genesis 1, Simultaneously Saint & Sinner
and more.  You can listen LIVE weekdays
from 4-5 p.m. on KSIV, 1320 AM in St. Louis.
You can also listen to what you want when
you want on the web.

LCMS World Relief and Human Care

The mission of the Church through LCMS
World Relief and Human Care is to reach out
in mercy and compassion to those in need,
motivated by Christ and His Gospel, according
to the Lutheran confession of the faith.

Higher Things, dare to be Lutheran

The mission of Higher Things, Inc. is to assist
parents, congregations, and pastors in
cultivating and promoting a Lutheran identity
among youth through conferences, retreats,
publications, and the internet.
Cross-Shaped Theology By Rev. Todd A. Wilken
A Listener’s Guide to the Pulpit by Rev. Todd Wilken
Pietism and Mission: Lutheran Millennialismin by Lawrence Rast Jr.
What Does It Mean to be Lutheran Today? Rev. Laurence L. White
The Problem Is The “Sin We Are." Rev. David H. Petersen
Abortion and the Law by John Warwick Montgomery
One God in Three Persons by Dr. Bill Weinrich
The Royal Priesthood: Vocation and Evangelism by Rev. John T. Pless
The Devil's Destruction Rev.Bryan Wolfmueller
Concerning the Name Lutheran by C.F.W. Walther
Martin Luther and the Doctrine of Predestination by Rev. Don Matzat
Law and Gospel and The State of the Church Today by Rev. Daniel Preus
Christ in the Public Square By Rev. Daniel Preus
Bible Believing Liberals by Rev. Todd Wilken
Inherit the Wind: An Historical Analysis by David Menton
Three Modes of Eternal Life by Dr. Louis A. Brighton
Question and Answers About the Holy Spirit
Real-Time Worship With Angels and Archangels by Rev. Dean M. Bell
Walther And Finney by Rev. Tom Baker
Different Viewpoints on The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
The New White-Wine Pietists by Craig Parton
Real Presence of Our Lord's Body and Blood by Rev. David Schoessow
The Doctrine of Justification Is Still the Issue by Rev. Rolf Preus
What's So Original About Sin Rev. Charles St-Onge
Prophecies Concerning Christ by Dr. Raymond Surburg
The Maleness of God by Rev. Erik Rottmann
Secularization of the Church by Rev. Martin R. Noland
Bible Study Guide for Law and Gospel by Rev. James Meichsner
The Cultural Crisis and Lutheran Social Ethics by Rev. L. L. White
Theses on Evangelism by Rev. Robin Fish
Tithing: The 10% Rule and the Church Dr. James Bollhagen
Worshiping Like A Pharisee by Rev. James T. Batchelor
Suffering is not a Sin by Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller
Ecumenism: Facts and Illusions by Kurt E. Marquart
When All is believed...All is Done. By Rev. Steven Hein
Righteousness Sufficient and in Need of More By Rev. Steven Hein
Christianity and Culture, God's Double Sovereignty By Dr. G. E. Veith
The Doctrine of Life brings Death By Rev. Steven Hein
A Journey from Hopelessness to Life in Jesus By Rev. Ed J. Balfour
Depression Deceptions by Rev. James Winsor
The Disturbing Legacy of Charles Finney by Dr. Michael Horton
The Great Premillennial HOAX by Don Matzat
Mormons and Their Temples by Mark E. Sell
Parables of Atonement and Assurance by Rev. Jeffrey A. Gibbs
The Prayer of Jabez: A Review by Daniel Gard
REINCARNATION: Did The Church Suppress It?
The Revolution: Christian In Spite of Itself by John W. Montgomery
Religious Liberty in America by Rev. David Adams
Revival or Apostasy? by Rev. Don Matzat
Sectarian Apocalypticism in Mainline Christianity by Rev.Larry Nichols
What is a Lutheran?
The True Father of the Modern Faith Movement by D.R. McConnell
Understanding Word-Faith Teaching by Rob Bowman
Understanding the Times by Fred Baue
What Is Centering? by Don Matzat
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